About us

SINTAKSA Translation Agency was established in 2008 in Belgrade.

We have dedicated special attention to careful selection of our team of reliable associates possessing top skills and competences and expertise and who have translated more than 2000 pages in various areas.

Owing to long-term translation experience, our team of translators understands and recognizes not only the subtlest differences in the text meaning, but it also tries to meet the clients’ needs and requirements in each area separately, by which we achieve an enviable level of translation quality with the maximum compliance with set deadlines. All translated documents are subject to proofreading and adjustments to cultural and business characteristics of the environment in which the translated document will be used.


  • SINTAKSA Translation Agency
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  • e-mail:  office@sintaksa.rs

  • Working Hours:  09h - 17h
    We do not work Saturdays and Sundays