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SINTAKSA Translation Agency provides interpretation and written translation services.


Written translation without the official seal of a court interpreter includes the written translation of brochures, operating manuals, multimedia presentations, web pages, etc.

Written translation certified by a court interpreter includes the translation of official documents such as Certificates, Testimonials, Diplomas, Authorizations, Notarial Certificates, Apostilles, Excerpts, Contracts, etc.



- Simultaneous

Simultaneous translation services are provided in translation booths and listeners hear the translation through wireless headphones. This type of translation always requires the engagement of two interpreters who, in accordance with interpretation standards, alternate every 15-20 minutes and provide a simultaneous translation in parallel with the speaker.

- Consecutive

 During the consecutive interpretation, an interpreter is located next to the speaker and translates the parts of sentences. If the translation is intended for one or two persons in the room.[k1] 


Urgent Translations

Translations completed within a short period of time, depending on the size of the document and target language.

Our fast translation service is perfect for the priority documents you need in a few hours time.


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